Pitching tips – How to Pitch Accurately

Now last week I talked about how to pitch hard fast balls. Well, on that post somebody brought up that throwing accurate balls like Greg Maddux and Jamie Moyer is more important than throwing fast balls. I agree to some point, but throwing fast ball is something that pitchers can’t give up on. But how nice would it be, to be able to pitch fast and accurately? Here are some tips that I can provide as to how to pitch accurately.

1. When practicing, concentrate and remember every single pitch

Although I would really like to provide you with a easy way for pitching accurately, basically practicing is the number one thing to do. But just practicing like a crazy idiot will not work. There is a certain way. Every single time you pitch, you need to concentrate on every aspects, such as the way you released, the feeling that you can on the tip of your fingers and etc. This is essential in pitching accurately because by remembering what you did in all those pitches, your body and your mind memorizes how to pitch if you want to pitch outside low corner or inside low corner. As you remember and memorize the coordination of your body every time you pitch, you gradually learn to be able to pitch where you want to.

2. Have stable lower body when you release the ball

Although I mentioned this in my last post, I will say it again. The key to pitching is having a stable lower body. Some things that you should do to make your lower body stronger is running. Run, run, run. Running everyday will make your lower body stronger, and allow you to have a stable ground when you pitch. If your lower body is stable, your upper body will also be stable, which allow you to throw the ball at a more solid and steady position. If your lower body shakes then you will obviously have problems pitching at a steady position which will make it hard to pitch accurate balls.

3. Look at where the catcher’s glove is the whole time you pitch

In the case of amateur league, I have seen numerous pitchers who don’t look at the catcher’s glove from the beginning of their pitch to the end. Some pitchers start raising their leg as they are looking somewhere else and look at the catcher at the last moment of pitching. It is very important for the pitcher to look at the catcher throughout the whole delivery of the ball. By doing this the pitcher can concentrate on where they want to pitch.

An example of a pitcher known for his accuracy is, of course, Greg Maddux.


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